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Your Body Your Rights

A Guide to Consent, Contraception, and More for Young Ethnic Minority Women

Cairde Mental Health

This publication is for use as a guide only. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this publication is up to date and accurate at the time of print, Cairde will not be held responsible for any errors. Inclusion in this publication is not a guarantee of standard nor does it mean that Cairde has endorsed any service or organisation. If you would like to reproduce any part of this publication for commercial purposes, please seek permission from Cairde. We are happy for information in this publication to be shared in a non-commercial capacity between individuals and organisations.

Cairde Abortion Leaflet

An abortion is a medical process to end a pregnancy. It is also known as “termination”. It is generally a safe process, but there are some risks associated with abortion. The earlier you have an abortion, the safer and simpler the process will be.

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