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Policy & research

Cairde regularly networks with statutory and non-statutory organisations to highlight the experience ethnic minorities have of health services at a policy level.

We focus on building local and national partnerships with health services providers, including:

  • Hospitals.
  • Primary care teams.
  • Specialised health services.

Partnerships between patients, patient advocacy organisations and healthcare providers have been internationally recognised for their importance.

The needs and priorities of patients are identified in these partnerships and woven into health service policies.

Patients are also a source of inspiration.

When health service providers include patients and their representatives in their strategies, access to unique perspectives becomes available. These perspectives increase accountability in the system. They also improve healthcare design and delivery.

In addition, we initiate and run our research projects. These are related to healthcare delivery and outcomes for the minority ethnic communities we serve.

Publications and Reports

National Roma Infoline 2023 Report

National Roma Infoline 2023 Report


Pathways to Wellbeing Empowering Migrant and Refugee Women Mental Health and Integration 2024