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Community development

Cairde takes a community development approach in all the work we do.

Our commitment is to bring about social change in favour of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in society. We enable these communities to address the social, political, cultural and economic causes of their marginalisation.

We believe that minority ethnic groups have the capacity to:

  • Identify their own healthcare needs.
  • Develop an awareness of the policy context within which healthcare services are planned and delivered.
  • Engage with statutory service providers and planners.
  • Consult with and participate in the policy system.

Cairde also prioritises supporting community leaders, particularly in developing community infrastructure. We also enable the creation of grass roots community groups.

Cairde is a member of AIEB Board, the All Ireland Endorsement Body for Community Work Education and Training. The AIEB seeks to support and promote community development education and training, and ensure quality and standards in practice.