Our Work

Patients Advocacy

Cairde collaborates with statutory and non-statutory organisations at a policy level to highlight the healthcare experiences and outcomes for ethnic minorities.

We are engaged in building partnerships with health services providers at a local and national level. This includes hospitals, primary care and specialised services teams.

Collaborative partnerships between patients, patient advocacy organisations and healthcare providers are essential and of prime importance.

This threefold partnership ensures that the needs of patients are embedded in healthcare strategies and policies.

Not only does this enhance accountability in the healthcare system, but it also brings unique perspectives that improve healthcare design.

Cairde has identified patient interest representation in the healthcare decision-making process as pivotal for the improvement of healthcare provision for minority ethnic patients.

We are committed to patient safety and quality improvement in healthcare for minority ethnic patients.

Cairde represents minority ethnic patients on:

To fulfil this commitment, we work closely with the:

Furthermore, we are a member of the: