Our Work

Be Aware, Be Well


Cairde recognises that refugees and migrants face stressors pre-, during, and post-migration, which can significantly impact their mental health. Studies have shown higher prevalence rates of some mental health conditions compared to the general population. However, accessing mental health promotion and appropriate mental healthcare can be challenging due to information, cultural and linguistic barriers. This, in turn, can hinder recovery.


Be Aware, Be Well aims to improve mental health outcomes for ethnic minorities in Ireland through three key actions:

  • Community-Based Mental Health Promotion and Awareness Raising: We promote mental health and raise mental health awareness within the community, providing resources and information to reduce stigma and increase understanding.
  • Capacity Building: We empower individuals and communities through training and support, enhancing skills and knowledge in addressing mental health challenges.
  • Improved Access and Service Provision: We work to bridge the gap caused by language and cultural barriers, advocating for inclusive and culturally sensitive mental health care and promotion.


‘Pathways to Being Well’

Our community resource pack, ‘Pathways to Being Well,’ aims to raise awareness about mental health, how to look after one’s own mental health, and pathways to seeking help.

It includes a multilingual Mental Health Guide and Directory and a 2-hour workshop.

We have also developed a 7-week skills-based program to equip individuals with valuable tools and strategies for enhancing their mental well-being.

Watch the ‘Pathways to Being Well: Empowering Migrant Women Mental Health – Evaluation Report Launch’ video below and access the report here.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Support & Advocacy

Trained volunteers, who share similar backgrounds and experiences, provide listening ear support and advocacy for individuals facing mental health challenges.

By amplifying migrant voices and experiences, we strive to improve access to mental health services and promote greater inclusivity within the system.

Research and policy

Cairde has conducted studies in the area of migrants’ mental health and has contributed to the studies by other organisations.

We also participate in the relevant policy and advocacy structures to ensure inclusivity.

Capacity building of service providers

We deliver presentations about migrants’ mental health.

In addition, we have contributed to the development of cultural competency guidelines and other resources.