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Pathways to Being Well. Mental Health Guide for Ethnic Minorities in Ireland

Pathways to Being Well. Mental Health Guide for Ethnic Minorities in Ireland binär optionen erfahrungen We developed this guide to support you on your journey to good mental health. Life can throw different challenges at us. For example, when you move to a new country, you may feel isolated due to language and cultural barriers or discrimination. This can cause specific stresses which may negatively affect your mental health and quality of life. This […]

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Your Body, Your Rights

Your Body, Your Rights

discount Requip Every country has its own legal norms for sexual activity. You may be from a country with different rules about how old you have to be to engage in sexual activity, and if a woman has to agree to sexual activity. Ireland has its own rules about sexual consent that everyone must follow. Read Cairde’s […]

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Healthy heart guides

Healthy heart guides come funzionano e opzioni binarie Cairde has produced 5 Healthy Heart Guides to help you to look after your hear and live a long healthy life. Heart health is extremely important for living a long and healthy life. 10,000 deaths per year in Ireland are due to heart disease or stroke. It explains multiple steps to better heart health. They include […] opzionibinarieinamerica
What’s counselling? A new resource by Cairde

What’s counselling? A new resource by Cairde

ورقة مضاءة In counselling, a professional counsellor provides a safe, confidential space for you to discuss problems you want to understand better. You and your counsellor work together to explore how you can manage your lifestyle better and deal with those issues. Make an appointment with your GP to discuss your needs. Your GP may give medication or […]

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Domestic violence – make a safety plan

Domestic violence – make a safety plan

die beste gewinn strategie bei bin_“¤ren optionen f_“јr anf_“¤nger Domestic violence is the physical, emotional, sexual or mental abuse of one person by another within close, intimate or family relationships. On average, 1 in 3 women globally have been physically or sexually assaulted by a former or current partner. Approximately 40% of women killed globally as a direct result of domestic violence. On average, […]

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Sexual Health Services in Ireland leaflet

Sexual Health Services in Ireland leaflet

بلوق فيلم استعراض Cairde has developed a new leaflet  about Sexual Health Services in Ireland. STIs are sexually transmitted infections that are passed on from one person to another through sexual contact and sometimes by genital contact. It is important to get tested because some STIs do not have symptoms. There are few clinics testing for STIs, located in Dublin, are free and confidential. The leaflet is available in few languages […] eztrade
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Gender Matters – NWCI seminar

Gender Matters – NWCI seminar trading binarie con demo gratuito The National Women’s Council of Ireland of which Cairde is a member organizes a seminar to highlight the importance of gender and equality in health service planning and delivery “Gender Matters”. Monday 31st March 2014,  11am to 3pm  at the offices of the National Women’s Council of Ireland, 4th Floor, 2/3 Parnell Square East, Dublin 1. Keynote […]

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World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day فوركس الدولار Research suggests that 90% of people who die by suicide have diminished responsibility. People who reflect on their suicide attempts in the past, often describe the shutters of their mind closing down and say that they were in consumed in total darkness. Others say that they lost contact with reality before they attempted suicide. It is commonly accepted that those who […]

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Guidelines to help communication between GPs and migrant patients

Guidelines to help communication between GPs and migrant patients

optionibinarie Guidelines to help communication between GPs and migrant patients who have limited English language skills have been developed. ‘Ideal’ strategies with high acceptability included as best practice in this Guideline pertain to the use of formal, trained professionals: • Interpreters for telephone and face-to-face interpreting. • Bilingual GPs who are completely fl uent in the language […] faunus analytics binary options
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Dental services for children

Dental services for children piattaforma opzioni binarie importo minimo 5 euro Children in Ireland who meet certain criteria including they are  attending national school and are dependents of medical card holders have many opportunities to avail themselves of free dental services. Check Cairde’s new publication entitled ‘Dental services for children in Ireland’ for more details. It is available in the English and Polish languages.

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