Justyna Maslanka

I am Justyna Maslanka.

I am proud to serve as a Mental Health Advocacy & Support Volunteer for Ethnic & Minorities at Cairde. With Cairde, my journey has spanned almost 20 years. It all began when I accessed advocacy support as a client, successfully addressing my Mental Health Services & Human Rights complaint. This positive experience ignited my passion for supporting others and led me to join Cairde in 2015 as a Community Health Worker and then volunteer.

Since, Cairde has provided me with numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. I have been involved in various projects and activities, gaining valuable insights and expanding my understanding of the Irish mental health system. Cairde’s supportive staff and friendly environment have made me feel empowered and confident in providing pro-fessional advocacy support to others, helping them access the services they need.

Through my involvement with Cairde, I have received certifications as a WRAP Facilitator and have participated in Mental Health Advocacy and Support training specifically tailored for ethnic minorities. These trainings have equipped me with the necessary skills to effec-tively support individuals with lived experiences of mental health illnesses.

Working with Cairde has not only challenged me to invest in my personal and spiritual de-velopment, but it has also allowed me to contribute to the betterment of our community.

Now, as a member of Mental Health Reform and the Sharing the Vision National Imple-mentation Monitoring Committee, I actively contribute to projects, conferences, and im-portant meetings, representing the interests of our community.

Working with Cairde and engaging in voluntary work has become a fundamental part of my life and soul’s purpose. It brings me great satisfaction to support and work alongside indi-viduals who share the same vision of building a strong and inclusive community. Together, we are optimistic, eager to face new challenges, and passionate about developing a profes-sional and free service. Cairde’s dedication to providing high-quality advocacy, mental health support, and overall well-being services has been inspiring. It is truly amazing to be part of a team that supports, motivates, and challenges me to continuously grow and make a positive impact on the lives of others.