marianas-coverProiectos Romano: A study of Roma communities in Balbriggan

This report is a snapshot of the socio-economic situation of the Roma population in Balbriggan and is a collaborative initiative between Cairde and Musicantia. Since both organisations set up offices in Balbriggan, in 2010 and 2013 respectively, they have been providing information and advocacy to a significant and increasing number of Roma families and individuals. This study is a direct consequence of the need to gain a wider and deeper insight into the experiences of the Roma communities living in Balbriggan.

Zrzut ekranu 2015-11-30 (godz. 20.43.21)Ethnic Minorities and Mental Health in Ireland: Barriers and Recommendations. 2015

Inequalities in mental health within any community impact society as a whole. This Report documents findings of consultations done as part of ‘Be Aware. Be well. Migrant Mental Health Initiative.’ Participants of the project, drawing on their own lived experiences, demonstrated the impact of a wide variety of social determinants on the mental health of the communities in which they live.


Ethnic Minorities and Mental Health A position paper. 2014

This position paper was developed by the national coalition Mental Health Reform.  A paper highlights the importance of improving access to mental health services for people from ethnic minority backgrounds, including Travellers.

Paper was written by MHR following consultation with representatives from ethnic minority groups in Ireland including Cairde.



Inspiring Integration. Cairde Balbriggan Integration Initiative. 2012

Cairde Balbriggan actively carried on integration work in 2012 under the theme, “Inspiring Integration: Living and Working
in Balbriggan. This initiative aims to provide Balbriggan residents with practical tips and examples of integration policies that have been successfully implemented in other national contexts and which can be adapted in the area.


ITCE report 20111 cover

Integration Through Common Experience. Cairde Balbriggan Initiative. Cairde. 2011

The Cairde Balbriggan initiative Integration Through Common Experience through a series of actions provided a platform for ethnic minority communities and the indigenous Irish community to share their common experiences. It has strengthened the capacities and skills of all community members. This publication is a description of the initiative.

mhNew Communities and Mental Health in Ireland. 2008

This project brought together a university UCD and an NGO Cairde to address the mental health needs of immigrants in Ireland. Focus groups were convened from groups and organisations affiliated with Cairde under the Ethnic Minority Health Forum.



2Who needs us here? A Summary Report on the Health and Related Experiences of Ethnic Minority Women Living in Dublin’s North Inner City. 2007

This assessment was part of a wider Community Development and Health Programme which aims to develop a model of community participation in primary care among minority ethnic groups. Summary document.


3Women As Leaders 2007 Report

This poster publication is a tool-kit description of the Women As Leaders in Equality programme implemented by Cairde and Lourdes Youth and Community Services (LYCS), funded under the RAPID Strand of the Equality for Women measure, delivered through Pobal on behalf of the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, from 2005 to 2007. It is written merely to set  out what we did, and how we did it with the sole purpose of assisting others who may wish to carry out a similar programme elsewhere.


4Assessing the Health and Related Needs of Minority Ethnic Groups in Dublin’s North Inner City. 2006

This assessment was part of a wider Community Development and Health Programme which aims to develop a model of community participation in primary care among minority ethnic groups. Full document.



5Community Development and Health Programme, An Intervention for Social Change – A Case Study of the Capacity-building Phase of the Programme. 2006

This publication is a case study cum ‘tool kit’ description of the training phase of a wider Community Development and Health Programme (CD&H) currently being implemented by Cairde. The CD&H initiative is a Cairde initiative funded by the Health Services Executive under the Eastern Regional Health Strategy for Ethnic Minorities, the training phase of which was supported by FAS


ListenListen! Women and HIV. 2005

This documents portrays the experiences of women living with HIV in Ireland.