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Proiectos Romano – A study of Roma communities in Balbriggan was launched today by Minister David Stanton and Chief Commissioner Emiliy Logan

roma-report-launchA new report that highlights high rates of racism against Roma in Balbriggan and recommends ways to aid integration process was launched today by David Stanton TD, Minister of State at the Department of Justice and Equality and Emily Logan, Chief Commissioner, Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission.

The report is a result of a project conducted Cairde and Musicantia and involved researchers from the Roma community. The report from this project is a snapshot of the socio-economic situation of the Roma population in Balbriggan.

The findings show that a disproportionate number of Roma respondents (79%) have been victims of racism. Some of the respondents who state that they ‘have never experienced racism in Ireland’, tend to cover their identity in order to fit in. Findings also show that the unemployment rate among respondents is extremely high (90%) and that literacy level is very low (5 years is the average amount of time spent in school). Almost half of the respondents have no English or speak beginners English even though they have been living in the country for over a decade. However, data also reveals that there is a wide range of expertise among the respondents ranging from music, construction, and sales.

Without a doubt, racism needs major attention from policy makers. Practical systems and procedures which can accommodate equality and cultural diversity should also be introduced. Schemes should be implemented to address the issues of literacy and lack of English classes but also to encourage and promote Roma respondents’ expertise. This will be beneficial for society as a whole.

Full report here

Article in the Irish Times 

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