Ethnic Minorities and Mental Health in Ireland: Barriers and Recommendations. 2015

Inequalities in mental health within any community impact society as a whole. This Report documents findings of consultations done as part of ‘Be Aware. Be well. Migrant Mental Health Initiative.’ Participants of the project, drawing on their own lived experiences, demonstrated the impact of a wide variety of social determinants on the mental health of the communities in which they live.

Ethnic Minorities and Mental Health A position paper

This position paper was developed by the national coalition Mental Health Reform.  A paper highlights the importance of improving access to mental health services for people from ethnic minority backgrounds, including Travellers.

Paper was written by MHR following consultation with representatives from ethnic minority groups in Ireland including Cairde.

New Communities and Mental Health in Ireland. 2008

This project brought together a university UCD and an NGO Cairde to address the mental health needs of immigrants in Ireland. Focus groups were convened from groups and organisations affiliated with Cairde under the Ethnic Minority Health Forum.

Assessing the Health and Related Needs of Minority Ethnic Groups in Dublin’s North Inner City. 2006

This assessment was part of a wider Community Development and Health Programme which aims to develop a model of community participation in primary care among minority ethnic groups. Full document.


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