Community consultations

Jigsaw Talks 2014In 2015 Cairde engaged in a consultation process with ethnic minority communities on mental health.

The process engaged community leaders to mobilise their local communities to participate in the consultation.  Cairde  worked in partnership with already established ethnic minority fora to identify community leaders, interested in mental health, who are willing to volunteer for this initiative.

The consultation process  included: 

A)      Delivery of a series of workshops aimed at enabling wider ethnic minority communities to engage with the mental health services. The workshops explored the following themes:

  • Their cultural understanding of mental health vis-à-vis Irish understanding of what mental health is; their self-care strategies and cultural attitudes (including stigma) to mental ill-health.
  • Self-perceived most prevalent mental health issues in various ethnic minority communities.
  • Experience of accessing and using mental health services, including pathways of access.
  • Information, supports and training that are needed to foster leadership in mental health at community level;
  • Strategies to promote positive mental health for different minority groups;
  • Identifying recommendations for change;

B)      Stakeholder consultation. The consultation process also sought an input from other key stakeholders such as mental health professionals, mental health service providers and organisations with the focus on mental health (one-to one interviews/questionnaires, participative workshop discussion).

C) Other consultations events, including organised in collaboration with

Target groups included:

  • Ethnic minority community groups and individuals. The communities were selected on the basis of single ethnicity, faiths-based groups or gender.  Polish, Chinese, Romanian, African and Russian-speaking communities; Muslim women/men; Roma women/men, Lithuanian took part in consultations.
  • Mental health professionals and service providers;
  • Statutory, community and voluntary organizations and agencies that focus on mental health;


  • Report: Ethnic Minorities and Mental Health in Ireland: Barriers and Recommendations