Balbriggan Integration Forum

How Balbriggan Integration Forum came about:


Balbriggan Integration Forum is a voluntary body that believes in developing positive intercultural relationships by respecting and sharing the richness, beauty and potential of all people and their respective cultures which will add significantly to the quality of people’s lives in the area. The Forum will be non-party political, non-religious and avoid any unnecessary duplication of services within the area.

To promote social, cultural, educational and economic integration, insofar as possible, by addressing common needs through creative responses that will lead to improved access to services, support systems and community facilities within the area.
The Forum MEMEBRSHIP  is open and currently BIF consists of representatives of local agencies, schools, voluntary groups and individuals working and living in Balbriggan who are also of various cultural and religious backgrounds including Irish, Polish, Nigerian, Congolese and more (see the list attached). Meeting turnout varies between 20-40 individuals.

  • Forum is open for everyone to join.
  • Upcoming meeting dates are usually posted on Cairde’s home page.
  • Email: or phone: 018552111

DSCN1001STRUCTURALLY , Balbriggan Integration Forum consists of a steering group and sub-committees that focus on specific areas aiming to address most pertinent issues and challenges that have been identified by the BIF as a whole.

The Subgroups are as follows:

  1. Training and Education
  2. Balbriggan Community Radio
  3. Social Integration
  4. Health & Wellbeing
  5. Communication and  Information


  • To address common needs across all communities based on equality, equitable access, social inclusion, human rights and responsibilities.
  •  To challenge and pro-actively respond to attitudinal and structural obstacles to full integration, particularly racism and/or social and cultural discrimination.
  •  To develop appropriate networking opportunities and links between community groups, voluntary and statutory service providers and policy makers.
  •  To organise, based on regular needs analysis, a programme of educational, training, cultural and sporting activities for various age groups.
  •  To encourage, support and enhance community development initiatives, business and employment opportunities.
  • To gather and disseminate relevant information, research and community feedback.
  •  To source, administer and account for funds and grants.
  •  To regularly review the Forum’s working methods, plans and achievements.

Balbriggan Integration Forum (BIF) – Living & Working Together  has been set up as a part of Cairde Balbriggan Integration Initiatves