Przygotowujące do bycia Well. Zdrowie psychiczne Przewodnik dla mniejszości etnicznych w Irlandii.

Cairde has developed Przygotowujące do bycia Well. Zdrowie psychiczne Przewodnik dla mniejszości etnicznych w Irlandii to support people from ethnic minority backgrounds on the journey to good mental health.

The guide explains what is meant by ‘mental health’ in Ireland and what steps we can take to look after ourselves including practical suggestions on groups one can link with and activities one can do little to no cost. Further, the guide acknowledges what life events can impact negatively on our wellbeing. Prolonged symptoms to be aware of in yourself and other are listed in this booklet including explanation of common mental health problems like anxiety and panic, feeling down or low mood. What’s important for the newcomers to Ireland, the guide explains how to access support in Ireland from GP to Counselling to support groups. It includes a directory of organisations working in the area as well as language and culturally specific supports, rights organisations and organisations helping with practical issues of housing, zdrowie, social welfare, immigration etc.

It is available in electronic and printed formats in 8 języki: Arabski, Chiński, Angielski, Francuski, Litewski, Polski, Romanian and Russian.

The guide was developed in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including members of various ethnic minority groups, mainstream services and a state agency to ensure its content and visual presentation meets the needs of the target communities. Cairde’s report Ethnic Minorities and Mental Health in Ireland: Barriers and Recommendations published in 2015 highlighted that poor mental health awareness and limited information on how to seek help from both the mainstream and grassroots supports remains one of the key barriers for ethnic minorities in Ireland to access services. Also mainstream health promotion and information initiatives often do not reach ethnic minorities, particularly from disadvantaged communities.

The guides are available for download on – ŚCISŁY ARAB CH FR LITH PL ROM RUS -

Hard copies can be ordered – contact Cairde @ 01 855 2111 or

The guide has been developed as part of Cairde’s Być świadomym. Być dobrze. Migrant Mental Health Initiative and funded by the HSE Lottery Grant.