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Sprawy płci – Seminarium NWCI

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The National Women’s Council of Ireland of which Cairde is a member organizes a seminar to highlight the importance of gender and equality in health service planning and delivery “Sprawy płci”.

Poniedziałek 31st Marzec 2014, 11am to 3pm
at the offices of the National Women’s Council of Ireland, 4th Floor, 2/3 Parnell Square East, Dublin 1.

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr Noreen Shields, Planning and Development Manager, Corporate Inequalities Team, National Health Service, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Dr Jane Pillinger, Gender Mainstreaming Expert.
  • Mr Eddie Ward, National Project Manager Health Promotion and Improvement, Health Services Executive.
  • Rachel Doyle, National Women’s Council of Ireland
  • Dr Mark Murphy, Lecturer Royal College of Surgeons and General Practitioner

Panel Discussion

Chaired By June Boulger, National Lead for Service User Involvement, HSE, National Advocacy Unit.


To register your attendance at this event, please contact NWCI

TAKI (01) 8787248 lub e-mail przez Środa 19th Marzec 2014.

At the seminar we will launch a set of new resources on Gender Mainstreaming:

Sprawy płci:

  • A User Friendly Guide to gender mainstreaming
  • A Training for Trainers Manual,
  • A Toolkit for mainstreaming gender in health service policy, planning and delivery

For further details please contact Trish Brennan, NWCI at (01) 8787248/ lub

Eddie Ward, Health Promotion and Improvement, (043) 334 2031/


Supported by the Health Services Executive.

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