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HIQA opens public consultation on new maternity service standards

Image courtesy of Kdshutterman,

Image courtesy of Kdshutterman,

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has today launched an eight-week public consultation on new draft National Standards for Safer Better Maternity Services. The public consultation invites feedback from all stakeholders. The draft national standards are available for public consultation on for an eight-week period; until 5pm on Monday 16 May 2016.

Chief Executive of HIQA, Phelim Quinn said; “These draft maternity standards, based on international evidence and extensive engagement nationally, have been developed to improve the standard of maternity services in Ireland. For most women pregnancy and childbirth are safe and are associated with a happy outcome. We believe that if these standards are implemented, women’s experience will be enhanced and the safety and quality of Irish maternity services will be improved.

“HIQA is organising a public consultation on these draft standards to provide an opportunity for people to be part of shaping the future of maternity care in Ireland. This marks a new beginning for anyone who uses maternity services. The draft national standards were developed with key stakeholders, including women and their partners, advocates and maternity services providers.”

In recent years, Government, HIQA and other stakeholders have identified a need to improve Irish maternity services. A number of high-profile reviews and investigations undertaken by HIQA and others have found failings in the care and support provided to women by Ireland’s maternity services, including HIQA’s 2013 Galway and 2015 Portlaoiseinvestigations. Following the Portlaoise investigation, HIQA committed to the development of these standards as an important mechanism for driving quality and safety.

Phelim Quinn continued: “Women should have appropriate access to the right level of maternity care at any given time. We hope that these standards will build confidence in Irish maternity services. The HIQA draft standards show women and their families what they can expect from maternity services and what safe, high-quality maternity services should look like when quality standards are implemented.

“The draft standards for public consultation will give a shared voice to the expectations of women using maternity services, their families, service providers and the public. They were developed with a standards advisory group made up of a diverse range of interested and informed parties, including women who had recently used the maternity services, advocates, healthcare professionals, and representatives from the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive (HSE). HIQA also held 12 focus group meetings with women and their partners and with front-line staff working in maternity services.”

Phelim Quinn concluded: “We encourage members of the public and all interested parties to provide feedback and become involved in the standards development process by submitting their views on the draft national standards.”

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