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Healthy heart guides

heart guidesCairde has produced 5 Healthy Heart Guides to help you to look after your hear and live a long healthy life.

  1. Heart health is extremely important for living a long and healthy life. 10,000 deaths per year in Ireland are due to heart disease or stroke. It explains multiple steps to better heart health. They include not smoking, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and more. ENG
  2. This guide focuses on cholesterol. If your cholesterol levels are too high, your arteries can clog and cause a heart attack. This guide explains what cholesterol is, what kinds of food have good and bad cholesterol, and ways to monitor and lower your cholesterol. ENG
  3. This  guide focuses on the importance of keeping your blood pressure at a normal level. It explains what blood pressure is, how to measure it, and what to do if you have high blood pressure. It also explains how other problems, like high cholesterol, are linked to high blood pressure. ENG
  4. This guide focuses on heart attacks. It explains what a heart attack is, how to determine if you are having a heart attack, what to do if you are having a heart attack, and more. ENG
  5.  This guide focuses on stress. ENG

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