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Informed parenthood

Reoccurring issues related to health & wellbeing of pregnant women, single mothers and parents of Polish origins living in Ireland have been noted by those working in the area of information provision and advocacy.

They are related to knowledge about services and entitlements as well as law enforcement:

  • Information is often spread by word of mouth.
  • Command of the English language influence ability to access services.
  • In more remote areas access to information and advocacy services is more difficult.
  • Health & safety issues occur  in workplaces (miscarriages).
  • High cost of childcare in Ireland causes some women to give up employment.
  • Having children influence migrant women’s employment record and eligibility to  social protection.

Cairde in cooperation with Siptu and Forum Polonia network has initiated an outreach campaign to service those marginalised, vulnerable and with limited access to quality information. It includes information and consultation sessions to groups.

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