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Cairde Balbriggan Integration Through Common Experience Initiative

ITCEI PublicationCoverIntegration Through Common Experience Initiative is a project initiated by Cairde which aims to create space for integration to happen through events that speak to the needs of all communities in Balbriggan and to develop a focal point for integration in the town by providing minority ethnic communities and longer-resident Irish communities with opportunities  to share common experiences and difficulties.

Currently, working with the Fingal Leader Partnership, Cairde is recruiting participants for a 10 week Community Development and Leadership Training Programme. This course is designed for people living in Balbriggan who are active in their community and who have interest making Balbriggan a better place to live. The course aims to build capacity of local people to be able to address issues which impact on their lives by influencing local policies and design and delivery of local services. Deadline for submitting Expression of Interest forms is April, 30th.

Additionally, in cooperation with local and other partners, agencies and community leaders, Cairde will host a series of information sessions, programmes and workshops for people living in Balbriggan. In May we are starting 6 week Parenting Plus programme. All interested should submit an Expression of Interest Form by April, 21st. On the 1st, 8th and 15th of June we will host a 3 day Stress Management workshop.

For further information please contact Emilia Marchelewska via email or mobile 0877488766.

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