Answers to FAQ about 2years Student Probationary Extension

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New regulation called 2years Student Probationary Extension came out on the 27th of August 2012. Cairde has received many queries from student affected by this new rule. We met with a representative from the Immigration & Citizenship Policy Section in INIS to get more clarification on this new regulation and complied answers to the Frequently Asked Questions.

  •  Would the 2 years student probationary extension be counted towards citizenship application or Stamp5 application? 

No, only when you are granted a Stamp4 then the counting of your time for citizenship or stamp5 will commence.

  •   Regarding to accessing State resources (except Child Benefit): Some students on maternity leave are receiving maternity Benefit; we would like to confirm if Maternity Benefit will affect this application.

 The applicant is expected to receive Only Child Benefit and maternity benefit and this will not affect their status (applications) in the future.

  • If an applicant has a child who was born in the State but not presently resident in the State, can the parents of the child apply for family re-unification when they are granted the 2 years student probationary extension visa.

 They can make the application for family re-unification but we cannot guarantee the outcome of the application, also it is worth mentioning, if the applicant has sufficient fund it may support their application.

  •  Can holders of the 2 years student probationary extension visa run a business when they are granted the extension?

 Yes, they can start a business without a business permit from the minister

  •  Some students who came to Ireland in 2005 but have obtained a 3 months extension but are not entitled to this scheme, what should they do?

 They would need to apply for a work permit before their visas expires. Their student visa will not be renewed anymore.

  •  In relation to details of family members in the State: Some spouses of students are presently undocumented or arrived in the state after 2005, their partners would like to confirm that the will be no risks to them if they give their details when making their applications for the student probationary extension. Also they would like to know if they granted the 2 years extension visa, what would be the future of their spouses who are undocumented in the state or arrived after 2005.

 Students, who are entitled to this scheme, would need to include their family member’s details to the application form at the time of application.

  Applicants whose spouses are undocumented in the state, would need to write an email to and give a detail explanation of their spouses or partner’s background if they are undocumented or came here after 2005, we will review each individual case.

  •  Stamp1A trainee students are not entitled to this scheme, what is the future for them?

 We will include this category of student to this new regulation in due course. They will be entitled to the same procedure.

  •  How to qualify for a stmap4 after 2 years?

 If you do not claim any social welfare (except Child Benefit, Maternity Benefit), and did commit any criminal offences, ensures that you fully pay your taxes and PRSI, you should qualify to apply for a Stamp4

  •  Can I apply for stamp 4 straight away if I obtain 2 years student probationary extension visa? 

No, you need to apply for Stamp4 at the end of your Stamp2 two years probationary extension.