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The Government is planning €3 billion adjustments (mostly spending cuts) in Budget 2011. Cutting vital public services, taxing low paid workers, cutting social welfare and capital investment are being presented as the only options to reduce the budget deficit. The Community Platform rejects this notion and presents real alternatives in the form of tax reform that will both address the budget deficit and stimulate economic recovery.

Not only is the current tax system failing to generate sufficient revenue to most well off or take action to begin to develop a just, equitable and sustainable tax system.

The Community Platform is calling on Minister Lenihan to:

1.         Reduce tax breaks for the wealthy to EU levels

2.         Introduce a Property Wealth Tax for high earners with assets worth more than €1million

3.         End Tax Exile loopholes by making citizenship the basis for taxation for high earners

4.         Apply PRSI and income levies to all income, regardless of source

Tax campaign document – final

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